Breaking Analysis: Hitachi Ignites Accelerated Flash Storage Platform

Yesterday Hitachi announced “Hitachi accelerated flash storage” as an extension to its VSP storage array. The Hitachi flash module discussed on NewsDesk yesterday is an SSD they can sell to other vendors.

Three months ago, Hitachi revealed its flash strategy saying that like EMC, it will put NAND flash products in servers, storage and appliances in order to enable compute acceleration, caching and high-performance storage.

The SSDs (solid state drives) replace disks in the array, and this has been the traditional disk replacement for HDDs (hard disk drives.) Hitachi’s design is to separate out the flash modules from the rest of the hard disks. They have put them in separate enclosures with a high speed connection between the enclosure and the control modules of the VSP. One key feature of these flash modules is the data compression capability, which enables significant improvement in the utilization of these flash modules.

David Floyer, CTO and Co-Founder of Wikibon, gave this advice to CIOs and CTOs: “For Hitachi users . . . this is a very natural extension, and I would strongly recommend that they use these enclosures instead of SSDs in the traditional drive bays. People who don’t have Hitachi and are looking for very high performance arrays . . . should look hard at this.”  See the whole segment with Kristin Feledy and David Floyer on the Morning NewsDesk show.