Cloudera’s Omer Trajman Joins Hot Silicon Valley Startup Wibidata To Run & Scale Field Ops

Wibidata, a hot Silicon Valley, announced on their blog yesterday that Cloudera alpha geek Omer Trajman, has joined Wibidata to head up and scale the company’s field operations.

WibiData is defining a new space in Big Data, focusing on solutions that use all the data an organization has to create more people centric applications.  Omer comes from Cloudera where he had a great run  building up and driving their very successful field operations in getting large enterprises to adopt and put into production Hadoop.

I spent 1.5 years working out of the Cloudera offices when they had less than 30 employees and had a chance to get to know Omer both as a executive and a person.    Omer is a star.  He’s the real deal.  Omer’s new role at Wibidata, which has less than 20 employees, will be heading up field operations for Wibidata.  The company is gaining fantastic traction in closing the gap for the use and implementation of developing and deploying of big data applications.

At Cloudera, Omer defined the first enterprise large scale applications with the most innovated early adopters who embaced Hadoop and put it into action.   Omer is legend at Cloudera for really knocking it out of the park in driving the success of 1st generation enterprises solutions that set the bridge for the crossing of the chasm.    As Hadoop use crosses the chasm with analytics as the current killer app, the next set of growth will come from the proliferation of applications then transactions.

Today most companies have rules based applications or build algorithms that use samples of data.  With WibiData, applications can be highly customized for end users. That means a better customer experience, more targeted content and opens the door to wider adoption across industries such as with personalized medicine.

Wibidata was founded two years ago by Cloudera employees Christophe Bisciglia and Aaron Kimball.   Today WibiData has eighteen employees and has shipped version 2 of their product and are growing fast. They have built a differentiated framework that sits on top of the Hadoop platform and gives developers the power to build more robust Big Data Applications.

According to my sources at Cloudera, Omer left on great terms with the team there.  Mike Olson is an investor in Wibidata and has been vocal in predicting an application surge in the Hadoop ecosystem.  Recently, Ed albanese, another Cloudera rockstar, joined 10Gen to bring his bus dev magic as VP of Business Development to the massively growing MongoDB firm 10Gen.

I’m impressed with Wibidata and the rock solid team.  They are doing amazing work with Hbase.  Wibidata has a good business model that is differentiated by gather data inside an enterprise with a fully functional Hadoop Hbase stack which requires installation on premise and use of their professional services.

The top folks at Wibidata include:

  • Christophe Bisciglia – CEO
  • Arron Kimbal CTO
  • Garrett Wu – Dir Engineering
  • Chad Metcalf – Early employ at Cloudera

Wibidata is located in the Mission district in San Francisco.  On a personal note: I have had a great experience with Wibidata guys and all the top guys have been interviewed on theCUBE except for Garrett Wu (I’ll get him soon).

Here are some video interviews with the Wibidata team

Video Interview at Hadoop Summit 2012 –

Here is the Wibidata blog post announcing Omer’s new role there.

This past week I have had the pleasure of starting my new role building out Field Operations at WibiData and getting introduced to the incredible capabilities being engineered here. In particular I have seen the enormous potential for creating better experiences through a people-centric approach to big data applications. For the past three years I have been able to work with the tremendously talented team at Cloudera to bring Apache Hadoop to the enterprise and create The Platform for Big Data. In my responsibilities building and leading various field teams at Cloudera I was involved first-hand in helping Cloudera’s customers launch successful Hadoop deployments. In particular, the most exciting deployments were with customers building Big Data applications, using data to drive their business. By combining their data sets in Hadoop and integrating them directly with front line business applications, these customers were able to realize truly transformative change in their business.

Those following the Big Data space have heard Cloudera expounding on the need for Big Data applications. In March, Mike Olson made an open call for new applications built on Hadoop at Structure. This past Monday Mike echoed the Cowen Group report’s conclusions that there is a need for Big Data applications. Having overseen hundreds of deployments up close while at Cloudera I wholeheartedly agree, and talking to the folks at WibiData it was clear that they knew this as well.

The team at WibiData is a dynamic mix of Hadoop engineers, data scientists, analytics experts and application developers. We’re focusing on creating people-centric Big Data applications and the frameworks required to support them for a cross section of industries, from retail and finance to healthcare and government. We believe that there is a tremendous opportunity to use data and create a world that is centered on people rather than rigid process. You will be seeing some exciting developments from the team in the near future as we begin to share our creations more widely. I’m honored to have this opportunity and to continue working closely with Cloudera and the rest of the Apache Hadoop community. Keep tracking us here at and on Twitter to see what’s coming.