IBM Updates Mobile Software, Services Portfolio

Big Blue augmented its mobile line-up today with new products, an extended consultancy offering and additional features for a couple of existing solutions.  More handsets and tablets are connected to the corporate network today than ever before, and IBM is offering enterprises the software and know-how to make this organized chaos more manageable in the long run.

The vendor is rolling out the IBM Mobile Development Lifecycle Solution, a collaborative IDE that can reduce delivery time by 25 percent and cut costs by 20 percent according to company data.

Also new to the mobile portfolio is integration with the Tealeaf customer management solution.

In the services department, IBM announced GTS Mobile Infrastructure Strategy and Planning, a pack that buys clients advice on how to bridge the gaps in their mobile roadmap.

IBM did not forget about its existing products in this roll out. Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices has been overhauled to facilitate a self-service model that frees up IT departments’ time, and WiFi troubleshooting is now simpler.

Lastly, IBM added remote data wipe capabilities to the recently launched Connections 4 mobile collaboration tool.

“By introducing mobile into our sales processes, our representatives can now access our in-house product database on the road and showcase brand new products to our clients in a meeting,” said Manfred Metz, Corporate Mobility Manager, Rohde & Schwarz. “Not only does IBM Worklight enable us to efficiently develop these applications, but also easily integrate with a range of backend systems used across our entire enterprise. Now we are able to deliver exceptional apps in weeks instead of months.”

Big Blue is making quite a few product launches as of late.  Just a few days ago it unveiled an SMB-friendly storage virtualization solution that draws its appeal from a very reasonable price tag.