Big Data Review: Millennial Media’s Big Win and Splunk Enterprise 5

A few interesting stories came out of the big data space over the past seven days, including two noteworthy highlights from the mobile industry.

First up, Millennial Media entered into a big partnership with MediaVest, which pegs itself a “digital planning agency.”  Through this agreement Millennial is taking on the role of  data supplier: the ad network operator will provide its newest partner with an abundance of information about its users, as well as the Audience Insight reports that it has been publishing for quite some time.  MediaVest will leverage this data to improve marketing efforts for its clients.

Appcelerator, another mobile firm, also stepped up its investment in analytics a few days ago. The development solutions provider acquired Nodeable, the Hadoop startup behind the StreamReduce pre-processing solution.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed but that’s about the only thing that was kept private – Appcelerator open-sourced StreamReduce right away and simultaneously announced plans to incorporate the solution into its own software.

Pentaho in turn launched Business Analytics 4.8, the latest release of its flagship dashboarding platform.  The new version consolidates integration with various data streams including Hadoop, HBase and Cassandra, and comes with an iPad client for the on-the-go data scientist.

Splunk also had a major launch this week: The company unveiled Splunk Enterprise 5.0, which delivers major improvements across the board. The upgraded product supplies users with more ways to secure their data and performs a 1000 times better than the previous version, at least when it comes to generating report.

In addition, v5.0 also includes native PDF support – which means that users can finally create documents from within the platform – and an improved Hadoop connector. Splunk Hadoop Connect can now send and receive data both ways.