Breaking Analysis: Apple Doesn’t Waste Any Time – iPhone 5s On the Way?

Apple is already working on its next iPhone and is Blackberry finally trying to resurrect
themselves? According to DigiTimes, Apple is expected to start “trial” production of its next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, in December. SiliconANGLE Contributing Editor John Casaretto said historically speaking, the revisions and updates for the iPhone 5s will probably be mild. He said, “It’s easy to forget the amount of engineering that really goes into releasing a phone. That involves the product engineering, the design, the manufacturing – all those things are feats of engineering . . . and it does take quite a bit of time to put that together.”

Casaretto speculated that the rush to put out the iPhone 5s is most likely due to the production problems of the iPhone 5, with the trial production expected to turn out between 50,000-100,000 units. Casaretto thinks the demand for the iPhone 5s will be there, even though the iPhone 5 was just released in September.

In other mobile device developments, the Blackberry 10 Launch is scheduled for January 30, 2013. Blackberry has not been a familiar term as of late in the mobile device industry, but RIM seems to be looking to change that. There will be a new line of Blackberries released, but Casaretto isn’t quite convinced that they’ll be able to run with the big dogs, Apple and Android. He said, “Once upon a time, they led the pack, and everyone followed. But the Apple experience and the Android revolution have changed that. It appears to be too little, too late . . . but this is tech, so you never know.”

Casaretto described what the renovated Blackberries will most likely have, including a best in class browser, a rich application eco-system, and cutting edge multimedia capabilities. He feels they’re really trying to step up their game and leave the old Blackberry platform behind.  See the entire segment with Kristin Feledy and John Casaretto on the Morning NewsDesk Show.