SolidFire Reveals New Arrays for White Hot Flash Market

SolidFire just rolled out two of its newest pure flash storage arrays for general availability today, and it isn’t shy about it. The company says that nearly two dozen cloud service providers are currently evaluating its technology, and several have already implemented it in their data centers.

“SolidFire is ushering in a new era in cloud computing with the general availability release of the SF3010 and SF6010,” founding CEO Dave Wright says. “Cloud providers world-wide are now able to deploy a scalable storage system that delivers guaranteed performance below the cost of disk, and confidently host their customers’ high-performance applications.”

The SF3010 and SF6010 systems consist of up to 100 nodes over a 10GE network that can deliver up to two petabytes of capacity and 5 million IOSPs. The whole thing is powered by SolidFire’s Element OS 4.0, and ships with patent-pending quality of service controls that the company says can help providers guarantee performance SLAs.

ViaWest, CloudSigma and Databarracks are among the biggest customers that already leverage the SF arrays in their cloud environments. The latter firm hosts 10 petabytes of data for clients in the UK, and relies primary on SolidFire to store the mission-critical apps and data.

Flash is big, and as one of the few vendors that stand at the very forefront of this trend, SolidFire is seeing a lot of growth. Only a couple months ago the company made its official entry into the channel with a big partner announcement. Citrix, VMware the and Intel were among the first 10 vendors that the SSD firm accepted into its ecosystem, alongside the OpenStack Foundation, Marvell and several other big name players.

For further analysis see The Wikibon Project CTO David Floyer’s take on SolidFire’s new SSD offerings from this morning’s NewsDesk segment with Kristin Feledy.