Demonoid Is Back… Well… Sort Of


Demonoid is rising from the ashes as its tracker is now back online.  The site is not operational yet but getting its tracker back online is the first sign of its comeback.

The BitTorrent tracker was taken down back in July as a form of a gift from the Ukrainian government to the US via an armed raid.  Ukraine’s government wanted to get on the good side of the US and since they’re so busy with tackling pirates and protecting copyrighted files, they thought taking down Demonoid, which is hosted in their country, was a gift befitting.

Aside from the Ukrainian government dropping Demonoid hard on their asses, it didn’t help that their hosting provider ColoCall pulled the plug following pressure from Interpol.  Investigators arrived at ColoCall and shutdown Demonoid, leaving ColoCall with no choice but to terminate their agreement with Demonoid.

“Investigators have copied all the information from the servers Demonoid and sealed them,” an anonymous ColoCall source confirmed. “Some equipment was not seized, but now it does not work, and we were forced to terminate the agreement with the site.”

Demonoid was not alone in their cause and they had the uber popular hacktivist collective fighting with them.  When Demonoid was taken down, Anonymous launched a massive DDoS attack against the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine (, the Ukrainian Agency for Copyright and Related Rights (, and the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association (

#OpDemonoid was after the restoration of the services by any means necessary and retaliate from the entities involved in the takedown.

Demonoid shifted to using hosting sites in Hong Kong.  Though the trackers are back online, there’s still no news as to when the site will be fully restored. Fans can only hope that the site will be fully restored in the coming weeks.