Oracle to Strengthen PaaS Offering Following Investment in Engine Yard


Recently, Oracle acquired a minority stake in the company Engine Yard, developer of specialized PaaS platform such as Ruby, PHP and Node.js applications. Although this is an interesting move, the financial details of the investment have not been publicly disclosed.

In a press statement, both the companies are said to “interconnect their respective PaaS offerings to accelerate the development of applications in a secure, reliable and scalable environment.”

The statement stressed that the Engine Yard remains an independent company. This week’s step is closely related to Oracle previously promulgated initiatives concerning their own PaaS platform – Oracle Cloud.

“The partnership of Oracle and Engine Yard will provide developers with a choice of leading application development and deployment platforms,” said John Dillon, CEO, Engine Yard. “Oracle’s global scale and resources partnered with our deep expertise in deploying web-scale applications will provide enterprises with a complete and trusted application platform that enables them to easily leverage the power of the cloud.”

Wider Oracle Cloud PaaS Solution

Enterprises are starting to jump on board with Platform as a Service (PaaS) for new application development, especially in cloud-based app development. Most companies are looking to engage with the cloud to deploy more innovative customer-facing applications, such as SaaS, mobile, e-commerce, and social across a wide variety of languages.

Based in San Francisco, Engine Yard started with only Ruby on Rails support and since then gown to Ruby, PHP and other programming languages and environments. Ruby and PHP delivers a high quality and agility of cloud-based application development to developers.

Oracle transaction is in line with the recently announced Oracle Cloud PaaS solutions. Integration of Engine Yard would provide developers ability to write and deploy applications using JavaEE applications and updated Ruby and PHP features. Many users of Oracle might get a more appropriate solution for their needs.

Dillon welcomed the development and said the move is good for Engine Yard and its customers.

“This is a great day for our organization and for our customers,” he wrote. “The resulting partnership with Oracle will give Engine Yard access to new technologies and allow us to increase the technical investment we make in our products.”

In addition, Oracle will also integrate broad Engine Yard partner ecosystem such as wide variety of add-on applications for monitoring, billing, visualization of databases, etc.