Sumo Logic Adds Boss-Friendly Dashboards to Analytics Engine

Big data firm Sumo Logic just launched a new feature that enables clients to view information about their IT environment in real-time.

Sumo Logic develops software that helps enterprises make sense of the massive amounts of data generated by their users, applications, networks and other components of the data center.  All these logs are fed into the company’s analytics engine, which translates raw machine data into usage trends, anomalous activities and other insights that can be leveraged to troubleshoot and streamline operations.

With the new dashboards, IT departments and the decision makers up top have a way of monitoring key changes as they happen.

“Moving from an operational troubleshooting role to providing more business context IT organizations must embrace dashboarding in order to communicate technical metrics and data to non-technical users,” says Jonah Kowall, research director for IT Operations Management at Gartner. “Coupling visual representation of data in a dashboard with IT Operations analytics allows insight to be derived within the software versus the user having to interpret the data presented in the views.”

Sumo Logic says that its cloud dashboards can scale “regardless of data size.” Other features include LogReduce, an embedded pattern analysis engine that comes up with meaningful behaviors by reserve engineering logs to find common denominators.

Being able to crunch massive volumes of unstructured data is only worth the investment if the results that come out on the other side get to the right people in a timely manner. These individuals are more often than not business users rather than data scientists, which are so many big data vendors have been adding on BI functionality to their offerings as of late.

Platfora is already two steps ahead. The recently funded startup built its Hadoop solution from with platform-agnostic dashboarding capabilities that allow users to access statistics from any browser that supports HTML5.