Weekly Cloud Review: Mobile, the Azure Store and IBM’s New Machine

This past week features major updates from VMware, Microsoft, IBM and Newvem, a cloud optimization firm that decided to put a mobile twist on Amazon Web Services.

The vendor unveiled an iOS app that syncs with AWS and tracks all the resources and spenditure associated with the user’s account. Cloud Smart Meter runs in conjunction with alongside Newvem Analytics, a more in-depth solution that maps usage trends and identifies certain technical issues.

VMware also had a notable mobile development. The company announced that it joined forces with Motorola to promote its handset virtualization software in the Asia-Pacific market. The phone-maker will pilot Horizon Mobile on a single handset set to release in Japan next month.

Horizon works by creating two separate profiles on a worker’s device – one for personal information and one that contains company data. This enables employees to use their own handset in the office without exposing the corporate network to additional security risks.

Microsoft in turn has also been keeping an eye on mobile, taking notes and applying the lessons learned to other areas. On Thursday it unveiled  a preview of the Windows Azure Store, a catalog of third party services for developers to choose from when their deploying their cloud apps. AppDynamics, Aspera, and New Relic are among the vendors that jumped into the bandwagon on launch.

Over in the data center, Big Blue unveiled a new virtualized storage box. The IBM Storwize V3700 borrows its key features from the mid-range V7000 and offers them to SMBs for a considerably lower price tag. The Stowrwize line of unified disk systems is designed to complement virtualized server environments where data is moved around a lot and needs to be accessible at all times.