Codero Delivers Hybrid Cloud to New Customers


Out of the ways to adopt cloud computing, stories about the success of hybrid cloud solutions are among the most compelling as they meet the requirements of real-world business environments. Codero Hosting has announced a set of customer wins that tell that exact hybrid cloud narrative well. The customers come from a variety of sectors, including IT, ecommerce, and healthcare – each with specific needs that were best met by high performance hybrid cloud computing. They include diabetes advocate Chiron Data Systems, top online radio station HD Radio Network, premier eCommerce retailer, and SaaS provider FormLogix.  Codero CEO Emil Sayegh adds:

“These winning customer examples illustrate why hybrid is such an enabler for the cloud.”

Making the move into hybrid cloud infrastructure is a critical business decision. The hybrid proposition poses benefits that are difficult to ignore, yet many organizations have a number of challenges that require satisfaction. With IT requirements such as security, regulations, performance needs and compatibility with existing IT infrastructure, the hybrid solution is a perfect answer to those needs. From capital expenditure savings, increased scalability, redundancy and backup – the list goes on to say the least, the added benefits are many. The question does remain however on how to select a provider. Certainly, value is one element that is consistently evaluated and it encompasses a number of business benefits and the road to get to a hybrid cloud is constantly analyzed in a benefit/risk/investment matrix. Organizations have to have assurances that go beyond and look at such things as performance, support and reliability. The goal is to get to where the best goals of the organization are met with a solid solution and that’s where Codero has stepped up to the plate, delivering on all those key values. Experienced in working with clients in these business environments, Codero proved to come out ahead for these clients.

Today, Chiron Data Systems has a number of Codero dedicated servers and cloud servers as part of their overall hybrid hosting solution. Their production environment runs on Codero dedicated servers, while their testing environment simultaneously runs on Codero cloud servers.

Each of the newly announced clients presents their own unique requirements. Take healthcare, where there is a great deal of personal health information that is tightly controlled by systems and regulations designed to protect this data. PCI compliance is another challenge, encompassing strict controls and rules around credit card transactions and the systems they run on. For ecommerce, financial transactions are part of the picture, but there are also needs with high transactional web interface that require a high-performance database back-end. For this scenario, a hybrid solution delivers a scalable front-end architecture, custom structured to suit their needs, while still able to keep their high-end performance database systems in-house. Security is something that is always present, including integration, monitoring and deployment with existing environments. These stories and more go on behind the scenes all conducted flawlessly by an organization that has the experience to collaboratively deliver the solutions with their customers, while delivering the utmost value across the spectrum. Review after review, time and time again, the most critical aspect to Codero’s success is its outstanding customer service.

Popular online retailer carries more than 230,000 products and 2000-plus brands through its powerful eCommerce engine hosted by Codero. The company selected Codero because of the company’s ability to deliver complex hybrid hosting services with straight-forward packages and competitive pricing.

Codero is built around delivering a great technical service and great customer support. They leverage automation and leading-edge functionality to ensure the integrity of their services at all levels. Codero is stepping up to real-world hybrid cloud clients with the philosophy that far too often, cloud service providers let clients be on their own at the goal of delivering a fantastic price, or they may offer great service, but limited in technology capabilities.  Sayegh adds:

“Our company takes the statement that we “do it all” to heart, customers don’t have to pick and choose”

Codero takes an all-above-the-line approach meaning the best in features, the best in service, all at great price, the value is pretty obvious.  With continued hybrid cloud customer wins the company is positioned for great things.