May the Phorce be With You! This Connected Powerbag Tracks Lost Devices

For all the tech enthusiasts out there, you’ve all probably thought about purchasing the Powerbag, the bag that lets you bring all your gadgets and adds battery juice to them at the same time.  The only problem is, you can’t decide which type of bag you want to get.  Would a backpack suit your lifestyle or would a messenger best suit you?  Or what if you need a more professional-looking bag?

Don’t you wish there was something that offers all of those features in a single bag?  There could be, if Phorce gets funded on Kickstarter.  Phorce claims to be the world’s first “smart bag.”  Aside from carrying and charging your gadgets, it transforms quickly and easily from a backpack, to a messenger bag and even a briefcase in a matter of seconds.  And thanks to an iOS or Android app that comes with the bag, you can connect it you your mobile devices so if ever your bag got left behind, the app would alert you and you can quickly retrieve it – unless someone already took it and disabled the app.

“We designed Phorce to be the ultimate bag for the mobile age. Phorce can hold lots of stuff in its minimalist design,” Phorce said in a statement.  “It can power all your devices, even MacBooks! It can communicate with your smartphone. It can transform from a messenger bag into a backpack, or briefcase. And so much more…”

Phorce is available in two versions: Phorce for USB which includes three USB connections, two high speed ports and one super high-speed port, while the Phorce for Mac can power a MacBook for up to 7 extra hours.  It has a special opening that allows the bag to slide over the (telescopic) handles of a trolley bag, which makes it compact and of course light-weight at just 3.7lbs.  But don’t let the size fool you–it can transform into a bigger bag, with an expansion zipper that gives the user 240 cubic inches of extra space.  It comes in red, black or green, and even a special voter’s choice color.

Phorce is on Kickstarter and it needs to raise $150,000 or more within 37 days when the project goes live so that their product can go in production.  Pledging under $50 would get you nothing except updates about the project; more than $50 and you’d get a Phorce cable pouch that would let you keep three wall chargers in it – not really exciting. Pledging $199 or more could get you one of the first Phorce for USB bags in the color of your choice, Phorce for Mac, or any of the two in any color with the Phorce team’s signature engraved on the bag.

So if you think Phorce is the bag to suit all your charging needs, head on to Kickstarter to get updated as to when it would go live and pledge when it does.  You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates.