Mozilla is Free That’s Why It’s Awesome

Support Mozilla!!  A Twitter friend of mine John Barbagallo @jbarbagallo just tweeted … “Mozilla ain’t in it for the money…which is why they’re awesome.”

This on the heals of the recent release of the Mozilla  annual financial report for 2011 as well as the annual “State of Mozilla” report by the organization’s Chair Mitchell Baker as reported today.

Google is financing Mozilla while pushing their own Chrome.   Read my post in September 2008 on Chrome. People thought my post was crazy.

From my 2008 post

Google’s browser is just that – a competitive strategy to maintain their stronghold and defend their current search offering.

Chrome – Beyond Search

Chrome goes beyond search. Google having a browser (Chrome) is strategic. It’s just one piece of the user environment (aka the edge software) that Google needs to own to have a fully functional operating system. By making Chrome open source Google sends a message to the army of software developers that the Google platform is worthy to develop ontop of. Also Google garners the support from a growing and rabid community of developers while deflect any policy and antitrust discussions.

From a platform perspective Chrome as an open source development project increases the range of edge devices that the software can be ported to. I am talking about Android both phone and set top box environments. Open sourcing the project is good for developers and if played right great for Google. We will see which company is friendlier to developers – meaning how does each platform vendor incorporate new developer technology.

Mozilla is building this world with a free browser and no agenda.  Google is smart to keep Mozilla alive because killing it off would create more backlash.  Mozilla needs to stand on its own.

According to Mitchell, “We have the vision of this world, the architecture, the technology and the product plans. We’re building these products now. We have the financial resources to support these efforts. This is an exciting and very productive period.”

Support Mozilla!!!