Gale Technologies Picked Up By Dell – Building a Cloud Arsenal


In addition to the growing wide-spread number of choices in cloud computing, an ever-growing number of cloud management options is available as well. Dell added to their growing portfolio of enterprise technology by announcing the acquisition of Gale Technologies. Recently, the company completed the acquisition of Quest Software, and is building a solid base of cloud offerings through acquisition and new structuring.  Gale Technologies is another interesting move that reinforces Dell’s focus on rounding out a complete enterprise services proposition. The company makes IT infrastructure automation software that provide management and orchestration of IT in the dynamic environments in today’s datacenter. Dell intends to take this technology to the customer in applications, virtual desktop infrastructure, and private cloud environments.

Gale Technologies helps customers turn discrete compute, network and storage components into integrated and highly-optimized application, virtual desktop infrastructure, and private cloud solutions featuring self-service and advanced automation. Gale Technologies’ solution provides a comprehensive management, automation and orchestration platform for simplifying end-to-end provisioning across heterogeneous infrastructures. Gale Technologies delivers automated physical and virtual resource allocation, preserves best practice enterprise infrastructure deployment through reusable templates, and masks that complexity from the end user to provide a valuable enterprise asset

Dell is adding the technology to their Active System Manager, an enterprise tool targeted to the most common infrastructure administrative tasks. The technology creates a solid foundation for automated management in hybrid technology environments. Customers will now have an IaaS platform for complete automation and orchestration across VDI, private cloud and application deployments with operations based on VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization standards. Existing vStart models and the upcoming Active System 800 are the first platforms it will be made available on.

The precedent for large names entering the process automation arena are out there on the market- for example, back in 2009 Microsoft purchased Opalis and has since integrated it into their Systems Center product, now known as Orchestrator.   These types of deployment and automation systems are the way of the future, if not the present already. We are witnessing major players step into this forum, boosting their credentials and enterprise proposition by introducing these highly flexible, automated deployment and management tools that are designed to interact with cloud technology. Add to that an open-basis interoperability that is designed to work with in-house legacy tools, customers will follow suit, as the adoption curve to build out next generation virtualized data centers continue. Dell is lining up their strategy towards having the right enterprise tools in place to automate, build, and manage that transition with the integration of this technology in their portfolio.