Nokia Maps for iOS 6 is Already HERE!

In today’s mobile news roundup: Nokia released HERE for iOS 6; Apple teaser for Black Friday; HTC says media estimates are outrageous; and Samsung’s La Fleur collection to hit US stores.

Nokia released HERE for iOS 6

Nokia introduced HERE about a week ago in hopes of trumping Google Maps, and of course alleviate iOS 6 users from Apple’s own failed Maps app.  Nokia stated that HERE would soon be available for iOS 6 users in the coming weeks, and an SDK would be available for Android.

Those who are tired of using the unreliable Apple Maps have another alternative, as HERE is now available for download on the App Store.  The app is free to download and it offers the map view, live traffic view, public transport line view or satellite view,  which you can save for use later, even without data coverage.   In some areas/countries, HERE users can even access community maps created and updated by users, so you’ll know if there’s any road construction going on, or if the the traffic in certain areas will be heavy.

“HERE Maps helps you feel like a local anywhere you go. See where you are, search and discover nearby places, and get a feel for the place. Collect places to remember or for later discovery. Explore new destinations and know instantly how to get there on foot, by car or on public transport. HERE Maps is based on the world-class NAVTEQ mapping data used in 90% of in-car navigation systems in the world.”

Early user reviews have already given HERE a 5-star rating stating that it’s as good as Google Maps and they’ve been waiting for an app like this for a very long time.

Apple teaser for Black Friday

Apple invites fanbois to their one-day sale happening on Friday, November 23 – Black Friday.  They entice shoppers to do their online shopping with free engraving and their signature gift wrapping.  So if you guys have been waiting for Apple to drop their price on their gadgets, you just have to wait until Friday to get a good deal on a product with very little variation in price.  No news yet as to how much the Apple devices will be discounted, as the price will only be revealed on the 23rd.

HTC says media estimates are outrageous

HTC and Apple recently agreed upon a patent licensing deal that settled all their court disputes.  Details of the deal haven’t been made public, but the media estimated that it could award Apple $180 million to $280 million a year, or about $6-$8 per device sold by HTC.

The price tag on the deal has got HTC CEO Peter Chou calling the estimates “outrageous.”  Still, he claims that both parties are very pleased with the turn out.

“I think that these estimates are baseless and very, very wrong.  It is a outrageous number, but I’m not going to comment anything on a specific number. I believe we have a very, very happy settlement and a good ending,” said Chou at a KDDI Corp product launch in Tokyo.

Samsung’s La Fleur collection coming to US stores

If you’re a woman who’s looking for gadgets that caters to your “girly” side, then you’d be glad to know that Samsung’s La Fleur collection will soon be available in the US.  The La Fleur collection is just Samsung devices that’ve had a makeover – some girly flowery stuff on a pink or white backdrop.  The La Fleur collection includes the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Ace DUOS, Galaxy S DUOS and Galaxy Ace 2 which will all have the same specifications, and as I’ve mentioned, some floral prints on the back and front of the device.  And it will be available in pink or white.