Tired of iPhone’s Buggy iMessage & FaceTime? Try These Alternatives

A lot of users are frustrated that Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime apps have experienced downtime on several occasions in the past couple of months.  As with anything in life, if something doesn’t work you can keep trying it until it does, or look for an alternative.

iOS users are now looking for something else to use in case iMessage and FaceTime experience another service outage.  Here’s the top alternatives:

iMessage & FaceTime Alternatives


Aside from being able to send messages, voice or video calls for free, you can now also share photos so staying in contact with friends and loved ones is even more fun.  You can use Skype video chat via WiFi or via cellular network so you’ll always be connected.

WhatsApp Messenger

The great thing about this application is that it works with your phone number so you don’t have to memorize another PIN or password.  It lets you send video, images, and voice notes to your friends and contacts at no extra cost or the need for additional in-app purchases.  It lets you set a profile photo and group chat with other contacts.  No need to add people as it pulls from your phone’s contact list, and it has push notification so you’ll never miss another message from friends.


This lets you place free voice and video calls, send free text messages, videos and photos as well as challenge your Tango contacts to a game of ToonTag – an addictive memory game.   You can place video calls over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi so you’ll always be connected, and it features Tango Surprises, which are fun animations that help you express yourself, entertain your kids, or celebrate any occasion.


This is free to use and lets you send text messages and call your from anywhere in the world.  You can also send photos via their service for free.  The downside is, it doesn’t have video calling feature, so it’s just an iMessage replacement, not a FaceTime alternative.

Kik Messenger

This smartphone messenger delivers sent, delivered, read, and typing notifications so you never have to wonder if you really sent that message, or if the other person actually received it.  Just like Viber, this is more of an iMessage replacement than FaceTime.