Mint’s 10 Commandants for Savvy Black Friday Shopping

Personal finance site Mint  just published a new infographic that offers its users a few tips on how to deal with shopping season fervor without breaking the bank. The chart (see below) covers ten bulletins that consumers should check before heading out to stores.

Mint’s first recommendation for shoppers is moderation: avoiding items that you won’t end up using. The second tip is keeping things neat: Google Docs, Evernote and many other services that allow you to organize deals and coupons are available on mobile devices.

Mint’s third must-have is a solid navigation plan that will keep you from sidetracking and buying into distractions. The more dedicated users can map the items they want to buy based on their proximity to each other, and stick to this route from the moment they enter a shop until they leave.

Mint also wants you to think hard about whether an attractive deal is worth several hours of your time. If you are gearing up for an overnight wait, they recommend that you pack just enough food and beverage to sustain you for the entire duration of it  – shopping is hard work after all.

The infographic covers the basics, too. The sixth commandment dictates that you should check the right checkout line, and the seventh preaches about the benefits of staying calm and veering away from the type of commotion Black Friday has become notorious for.

Mint emphasizes the importance of bringing your handset, preferably small enough to be  accessible even when you’re carrying several bags of goods, as well as the necessity of staying polite throughout the entire day.  And last but not least, you should enjoy yourself.