Garantia Boosts AWS with Major NoSQL Upgrade

Garantia Data, is making its Redis offering available to developers who are running their apps on Heroku, AppFog and AppHarbor.

Garantia is an up-and-coming NoSQL startup that offers cloud services based on Memcached and Redis, two popular in-memory key value stores.  The value prop lies in the propriety backup and performance optimization features that Garantia adds to the core open-source technology.

“Redis Cloud has been running in a private beta on Amazon EC2 since January and in a free, public beta since June, and we survived several node failures and three AWS outages without losing any customer data,” said Ofer Bengal, CEO of Garantia Data. “After successfully navigating these events, we are now 100 percent confident that our service is fully reliable and ready for PaaS environments. Heroku, AppFog and AppHarbor developers will now be able to enjoy the powerful benefits that our solution can bring to their critical databases.”

Garantia touts seamless scalability, instant failover and other automated capabilities as key selling points. Redis Cloud also makes use of “advanced techniques” that can allocate multiple CPUs to a single dataset, and lastly, the company says that each database runs as a dedicated process that does not interfere with other instances.

Developers are looking for new ways to effectively manage their data, while also tapping the advantages of cloud computing. Realizing this, Garantia took two of the most widely implemented value stores and bolted on cloud functionality that gives some of its bigger rivals a run for their money.

SAP is doing something similar to promote HANA, its in-memory big data engine. The BI software maker introduced NetWeaver Cloud last month, a HANA based app platform that couples analytical capabilities with the kind of support and cost-efficiency developers expect to get from a PaaS provider.