The Last EcoTuesday In San Francisco

As the world grows more dependent on technology, the need for energy is increasing.  And this is why there is so much talk and research about sustainable energy — the continuous provision of energy without compromising the supply for future generations.  The increase in demand has people looking into renewable energy sources such as hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, wave power, geothermal energy, and tidal power, as well as technologies designed to improve energy efficiency.

The need to find better energy sources for the future has led people to organize events such as EcoTuesday, to bring awareness and become a platform for eco-friendly businesses to introduce their green products and services.

EcoTuesday is a structured networking event for sustainable business leaders that takes place on the fourth Tuesday of each month in cities across the country.  In every event, attendees get to learn about cutting edge sustainable business from experts, introduce themselves and their projects to other attendees, as well as network with people you met or learned about at the event.

Unfortunately, San Francisco will hold its last EcoTuesday on November 27, 2012 as the organizer, Nikki Pava, has her second baby coming January 2013 and plans to focus on her main business, Alegria Partners, when she gets settled in with the baby.

“For me, this decision is bittersweet,” Pava stated in a blog post.  “I’ve had a great time producing and leading EcoTuesday, however, with the arrival of my second child in January I realized that I need to re-prioritize my commitments. Once I get settled in with the new baby, I will be focusing more of my efforts into my main business, Alegria Partners. I’m really excited about this new venture and strive to help companies with their sustainability initiatives and employee engagement campaigns (such as creating green teams).”

This doesn’t mean EcoTuesday will come to an end, there will be other EcoTuesday events happening across the country, just not in San Francisco.  Pava also stated that in 2013, she plans on hosting a 1-2 half day events and there will still be monthly newsletters.  Interested parties may sign up for the new and improved newsletter here.

If you want to learn more about EcoTuesday and how it has affected the lives of many others, you can visit their site, sign up for their monthly newsletter, follow them on them Twitter or add them up on Facebook, join their Linkedin group, or view photos of EcoTuesday on Flickr.  And to learn more about the last EcoTuesday in San Francisco, click here.