Lessons in Big Data Transformation from HP Discover 2012

Hewlett-Packard is holding its second annual HP Discover event in Frankfurt, Germany through December 4-6. The vendor will likely tackle many of the same subjects it addressed during the US conference in June this year, namely the shift towards big data and the ongoing challenges of IT infrastructure to support the change.

Antonio Neri, senior VP and general manager of HP Technical Services, made an appearance on theCube at HP Discover 2012 to discuss his clients’ transition to big data. The executive said that many big IT shops are looking into deploying analytical solutions, but there’s still many challenges to overcome before realizing that sought-after business edge. In response to this, HP hosted a  Hadoop Workshop Discovery Series at the conference to help customers improve their understanding of unstructured data.

Analyzing the data is only of many priorities in the data center.  Handling the growing volumes of information generated by end points and users is another concern, one that Intel GM and Cube regular Pauline Nist discussed extensively. She says that mobile carriers will be affected first, and will eventually have to decide if they want to lower data rates or increase prices so that they can afford to upgrade their infrastructure.

Telcos are the forefront of this trend, but they’re not alone.  Jessian Cavalcanti and Carlos Coletti of the Sao Paulo State University in Brazil also took some time to discuss their own organization’s network: a setup that supports 60,000 users and 10,000 managed VoIP endpoints. At the time sixty percent of the university’s 300 servers were VMware-virtualized, and its network consisted of 40 WAN nodes that covered 23 cities.

At the end of the day customers are actively partaking in innovation to solve their own business problems – that’s the bottom line according to Kfir Godrich, who runs HP’s research cultivation group.