More Data Types, Tools in EnterpriseDB Manager 3.0

PostgreSQL firm EnterpriseDB is releasing a new version of Postgres Plus Advanced Server, alongside Postgres Enterprise Manager 3.0. The updated software runs better, supports more data types and make it easier for database administrators to manage their environment.

Postgres Plus 9.2 does a few things better than its processors, thanks to more automation and “ninth generation Oracle compatibility” that eases migration and expands support for object type databases. In addition, EnterpriseDB says that its flagship product scales up better, allowing for up to 64 cores per node, and that application development has been improved.

Finally, v9.2 features improved security, including View Security Barriers and SQL-conforming usage policies for types.

“We strive to keep pace with the evolving needs of our customers. The market for Postgres is growing fast and global enterprises, with complex environments and new demands, are increasingly turning to open source and asking more of our products to support their transition,” said Ed Boyajian, CEO and President of EnterpriseDB. “Continuing to enhance performance, scalability and agility while expanding our Oracle compatibility ensures we remain a long-time partner for our customers.”

The enhancements to Posgres Plus are paired with the new features of Posgres Enterprise Manager 3. The newest version of the DBA utility features a web client, a consolidated dashboard for log configuration, computability with the Secure Shell network protocol and functionality borrowed from the open-source pgAdmin software.

Database startups are getting a lot of limelight nowadays – NoSQL firm 10gen recently announced strategic investments from Red Hat and Intel. The two tech giants are looking to gain a foothold in the NoSQL segment by partnering up with the industry’s premier MongoDB distributor, and 10gen has just as much if not more from this unanticipated alliance.