Samsung’s Not-So-Lofty Sales Goals and a More Responsible Labor Outlook [VIDEO]

Samsung is stepping up its game both in the mobile space and internally, with a new sales milestone and plans to improve labor conditions in its Chinese plants.

According to the latest figures from the manufacturer the Galaxy Note II phone-tablet hybrid shipped over 5 million units to date. Samsung’s flagship phablet hit 3 million mark within just a few weeks after launch, and another 2 million were sold since November 2.

“Samsung may frustrate us by providing figures that do not directly compare to Apple’s own end user sales figures, but others have crunched estimates on consumer purchase figures. Analyst firm Strategy Analytics believes that the Galaxy S III outsold the iPhone 5 in the third quarter of 2012.”

The Korean phonemaker is slowly but surely becoming the Lenovo of the mobile space, a hardware powerhouse that is toppling even the biggest US firms in its field. And it seems intent on not repeating Apple’s mistakes in the process.

The iPhone maker is neck deep in the Foxconn worker rights controversy. Apple’s largest supplier has received a lot of criticism this year for a wide variety of violations ranging from unbearable working conditions to worker intimidation. Samsung is finding itself in a similar position, but it’s looking to take some sort of action before the stigma sticks.

In response to a highly critical China Labor Watch survey, Samsung issued a statement this morning that dismisses all claims of child labor abuse but promises to turn things around within the next couple of years.

Several thousand miles away in Silicon Valley,  the company is apparently negotiating a real-estate deal that will house a new startup incubator. Specifically,  the phonemaker is looking to house this latest project on the second floor of the former Borders Books space on University Avenue.