Apple Maps Execs on the Chopping Block: Where is this PR Mess Headed?

Apple is intent on overhauling its Maps application, and for good reason.  The consumer electronics giant’s flopped in its attempt to infiltrate the data-driven digital GPS market with a Maps app the trumped Google Maps as the default in iOS 6.  Apple’s first step is looking in the mirror and making the necessary internal changes: Maps manager Richard Williamson was let go this week,  just a month after Apple fired vice president of iOS Scott Forstall for what is widely speculated to be the same reason.

SiliconAngle news editor Kristen Nicole made a recent appearance on our daily NewsDesk program and took the opportunity to discuss the reasoning behind Apple’s internal reshuffle. Kristen thinks it’s a combination of several things: the executive layoffs are not just a push to hold the people directly responsible for the failed venture accountable, but also an attempt to restore public image.

Kristen elaborates. She says that that the intense mobile competition market means Tim Cook has his work cut out for him, and that he’s now cleaning house.  She goes on to say that Apple’s business model is highly dependent on consumer impression, which in itself explains the company’s recent internal conduct.

Kristen notes Apple has a lot of room to improve in the software space, and any advancement is beneficial. The company’s stock is declining but she believes the current management will be able to pull through the situation in spite of the hardships: the recent partnership with TomTom is a huge step forward.

The navigation specialist is supplying the mobile giant with the information it needs to make Maps more accurate and usable.  Kristen believes that eventually every major provider will have access to the data needed for basic GPS functionality, at which point the focus will shift to more services offered on top of location data. That’s when Google Map’s head start could be negated, and Apple could have an opportunity to take the competition head on.