BTCworkers: A New Service for Freelancers with Bitcoin Currency


All the freelancers and businesses around, here we have a new freelancing website called BTCworkers, a platform that allows businesses and freelancers to get together and get things done easily. And what sets apart this platform is the Bitcoin currency acceptance.

BTCworkers was launched earlier this month as a beta version, but now available as a full fledged version. Using this platform, employers can post project listings, and freelancers can bid on them. Once an employer selects a bid, they can then use escrow to fund the project. Like any legitimate marketplace, they offer an escrow service too. There is a fee of 3%, but for any transactions under 1 BTC, the fee is waived.

According to the website, they have implemented a strong password encryption, remote Bitcoin storage, and are using highly secure SSL.

“The addition of further services that take bitcoins as payment will be necessary to promote the health of its economy,” says HackANGLE editor Kyt Dotson. “While BTCWorkers isn’t the first to work with this model, it is the most recent and it appears during a time when a lot of different companies are reaching into the cryptocurrency. If BTCWorkers manages to carve out a niche with freelance workers they may have their business model set.”

Bitcoin has become an essential and popular currency for freelancing sites. Recently, we heard about a website called addressing the need for a Bitcoin oriented auction site. This auction site competes with eBay, and a good thing is that it is doing well. also has an escrow service to help avoid these sorts of problems like other auction houses and that they try their best to use document authentication and other modern day methods to make certain customers are not cheated or cheaters.

Just this month, WordPress announced that they will begin accepting Bitcoin as payment for services and upgrades. For most people, a free blog on is sufficient, but to receive access to many plugins, the ability to use fancy templates, and other elements that make blogging less of a chore, it costs money. And now it can cost bitcoins for those so inclined.

In addition, Reddit is also considering Bitcoin for its subscription model. The addition of Reddit accepting Bitcoin for subscriptions, however, will go a very long way for making it obvious that it works as an exchange medium. Last but not the least, Bitcoin is getting itself a little more news recently with the formation of the Bitcoin Foundation as well as that Bitcoin exchange ICBIT has quietly added a futures market that involves bitcoins as its main currency including gold futures and crude oil. The addition of a futures market to a Bitcoin exchange feels a lot like strange news, however, it does add to the overall presence of alternative uses of bitcoins than mining and pure internal speculative markets.