Early Adopter CIO Talks About Win 8

Wikibon Analyst and former CIO Scott Lowe interviewed the IT director if an SMB who just migrated 80% of his company’s end-user computers from Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 8. He provides a Q&A of the interview on Wikibon.

The IT staff manually upgraded the approximately 85 computers in part because of the special needs of several users. He reports some problems with Flash Debugger for Visual Studio but otherwise says the upgrade went smoothly.

User reaction was mixed, with some users unhappy about the new interface. He says Microsoft should restore the Start button that has disappeared in Windows 8.

Surprisingly, however, he reported that the computers an faster with Windows 8 than with 7. And he says that Win 8 is more stable than its predecessor, which itself has proven pretty stable overall.

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