EMC Buys MoreVPR Maker, Boosts Greenplum Line-up

EMC acquired More IT Resources Ltd, according to an official blog post by Greenplum senior director of strategy Mike Maxey. The developer is responsible MoreVRP, a database monitoring platform that allows users to optimize performance and control.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the transaction was likely substantial. The company lists Deutsche Telekom, Thompson Reuters, RSA and EMC itself as clients, among other Fortune 500 firms.

“There is a challenge today in managing big data workloads and resource allocation. The acquisition of MoreVRP makes sense for EMC to integrate into the Greenplum Hadoop appliance,” says Wikibon Big Data Analyst Jeff Kelly.  “The enhanced solution will allow EMC’s customers to consume and manage Greenplum analytics easier.”

MoreVRP delivers real-time system monitoring, in addition to an analytics module that visualizes historical data and similar information-driven functionality.

MoreVRP was certified to run in Greenplum environments in June this year, which is probably when EMC first got wind of the technology and connected the dots.   The acquisition will enable the storage giant to make the solution more accessible to its customers, and make its data warehousing portfolio that much more attractive in the process.

EMC has been hard at working augmenting its offerings lineup lately. Just over a week ago the vendor announced a major partnership with Capgemini, a big name consultancy that set its eyes on storage and analytics.

Through the alliance the two firms are offering a suite of services nicknamed Case-as-a-Service, helping enterprises upgrade to a virtualized storage infrastructure and make full use of it.  EMC provides the technology – including software from VMware and Vblock appliances from VCE – while Capgemini puts it all together at the client site. The consultancy vows to deliver 30 percent faster than its competitors while shrinking overheads by just as much.