This Week in the Cloud: Panorama9 and a Strong AWS Proposition

This week’s top developments included the launch of new cloud management software for Mac, as well as several AWS-related updates.

Panaorma9, a maker of on-demand IT monitoring tools for small to medium businesses, extended its flagship platform beyond Windows with the newest patch. The update consolidates the management of Windows- and Mac OS-based machines to make it that much easier for admins to properly manage their environments.  In a scenario where an SMB has hundreds of desktops to maintain but doesn’t have a proportional sized IT department to keep up with the task, a streamlined interface can be a huge asset for the overworked technical crew.

Storage vendor NetApp also had a product update this week. The vendor unveiled NetApp Private Cloud for AWS, a new offering that promises to seamlessly connect a client aging on-premise setup with Amazon’s nearest data center.

Private Cloud for AWS offers a level of integration that enables the user to make use of several key services. NetApp says that EC2 can be leveraged to optimize backup, while S3 offers a cheaper alternative to storing cold data. The solution supports the Amazon Elastic Map Reduce service as well.

Boundary, a provider of cloud monitoring services, also had some AWS news this week. The company announced that it has added proactive alerting capabilities to its platform; an early warning system for the cloud that leverages proven technology. The new features enable IaaS consumers to get wind of potential issues and downtime before their apps and data become inaccessible.

In addition, Boundary also introduced a historical data visualization tool that lets the admin compare their deployment’s current performance with statistics from an earlier time period.