Google Open Sources Testacular JavaScript Testing Tool


Google recently open sourced the Testacular, a new testing tool used to test all major web browsers. The tool runs JavaScript code on devices, can be integrated with CI tools, and works with any code editor.

Testacular supports Chrome, ChromeCanary, Safari, Firefox, IE, Opera, PhantomJS, and can be run on various desktop or mobile device browsers. In addition, it works with various testing frameworks, having adapters for Jasmine, Mocha and AngularJS, and can also be integrated with Jenkins or Travis for running continuous integration tests.

Testacular comes with several powerful features, one of which is the ability to monitor a set of files for changes and immediately initiate tests on a saved file without the user having to leave the text editor. Rather, it enables a new way of developing, as instead of moving back and forth between the editor and the browser, they can simply stay in the editor and experiment. So, when developers get instant feedback from their tests, the tests become an asset rather than annoyance.