AppDirect Launches Incubator Program for Enterprising Developers


AppDirect, a leading cloud service marketplace company, is launching the AppDirect Developer Incubator Program, a unique 3 year program designed to give developers a risk-free way to pursue their dreams and make the jump from developer to entrepreneur. The unique and innovation incubator program is aimed at both entry-level and seasoned engineers, and will both employ and train top developer talent for two years.

“At AppDirect, engineering is the backbone of everything we do. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch the AppDirect Developer Incubator program,” said Daniel Saks, President and Co-CEO of AppDirect. “The program is a unique, innovative way to engage developers and give them a risk-free way to pursue their dream of launching their own startups. We not only want to work with great engineers, but also enable them to make the jump from developer to entrepreneur.”

The ADI allows developers to apply the technology and business skills they learn while working at AppDirect directly to their own startup projects and use their third year to launch their own company within AppDirect. The companies born out of the program will have the opportunity to pitch AppDirect investor iNovia for funding.

“AppDirect is a great place to be an engineer. Not only do we have a front seat to the revolution in how businesses are using software, but we create solutions that have a real, positive impact on millions of people around the globe,” said Andy Sen, Senior Vice President of Engineering at AppDirect. “For developers, the ADI program is a great way to gain technical and business experience all while working with an expert team that knows how to deliver industry-leading solutions, and have a lot of fun.”

An Incubator With Cultural Compassion and Discipline

I spoke with Daniel Saks recently about the nature of the incubator and he outlined how it would work a lot like a mother bird raises chicks under their wing. Engineers interested in using the AppDirect platform to launch their own startups would be given a warm place within the company (as part of the program) and all the training and tools they need to build a successful business.

This incubator program allows software developers to apply the technology and business skills they learn while working at AppDirect directly to their own startup projects. Saks explained that with the 3-year program, it would be possible for the resources of the AppDirect engineering staff to work directly with incubator participants and give them not just hands on training with the products, but provide them with a critical cultural connection that they could carry with them long after they left the nest.

This alone should set the AppDirect incubator apart from others in the field currently where much of the training and tools are out-of-the-box and set aside in an empty room on a large campus. AppDirect wants to show its engineers and those who enter the incubator program hat they’re going to be in it for the long haul, providing an enduring peer relationship as well as the discipline to succeed in the market.

To become part of the program, candidates must pass a skills-based assessment and complete the AppDirect hiring process. In year three, top performers will receive seed funding, continued salary, and an incubator environment that includes office space and the opportunity to pitch VCs. Besides, benefits like travel reimbursement, relocation assistance, visa sponsorship, and other benefits will also be provided to the qualified participants.

Authors: Isha Suri contributed to this article.