HP Talks Automation and DevOps @ Discover 2012

Among the guests that stopped by theCube at this week’s HP Discover was Matthew Morgan, the executive in charge of product marketing for Hewlett-Packard’s software business. He took the opportunity to talk about his company’s latest product updates, DevOps, and how operations should be done in the era of cloud and big data (full interview below).

Morgan spends several minutes discussing one recently debuted product in particular: Business Server Management 9.2. He calls the solution the “ultimate control panel for the operations professional”; it’s a toolset that combines monitoring capabilities with the ability to trace down end-user issues all the way to the root cause. The app supports both private and public environments, and makes extensive use of big data analytics to deliver the benefits Morgan is touting.

Vellante inquired about the real-time aspect of it all, and the executive was more than happy to elaborate. He says that the IT landscape has changed a great deal in the past 10 years: before the advent of the cloud you could develop an app, purchase the hardware and software needed to run it, and incorporate monitoring capabilities directly into the physical device that host the application.

Today, this is not possible. IT departments have to manage thousands of VMs and applications concurrently, and a big portion of these processes are likely running in a remote data center.  New technologies are required to maintain visibility and service levels at this scale, namely log analytics.

Server Management 9.2 leverages is log management software from ArcSight, a company HP acquired in 2010. That enables the solution to not only function in heterogeneous cloud environments (which Morgan noted HP considers to be the norm), but also detect anomalies that might otherwise go unspotted.

Finally, Morgan talked DevOps. He said HP is trimming development times by bundling app lifecycle solutions with operational tools, QA software and services, in addition to hardware.

For the complete scoop, including an in-depth glance at HP’s take on mobile and the CIO, check out the full interview.