IT Resources On-Demand Moves Beyond Storage + Compute

Business intelligence firm Jaspersoft is making its reporting and analytics technology available through the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace. What this means is that customers can deploy Jaspersoft’s software to their public, private or hybrid cloud environment using the VMware vFabric Application Director interface.

Shahar Erez, director of VMware’s Application Management Products group, had a couple of good things to say about the deal:

In addition to on-premises Jaspersoft deployments, customers are increasingly depending on Jaspersoft for scalable, nimble business intelligence in the cloud. Our cloud customers are interested in fast time to solution, low-effort administration, and high flexibility; VMware vFabric(TM) Application Director(TM) provides them with well-designed provisioning and maintenance for these cloud deployments.

The cloud model of delivering IT resources on demand is expanding beyond storage and compute. Organizations are demanding cost-efficiency and scalability from not only the cloud provider but also the BI vendor, and Jaspersoft is among several others in the industry that have picked up on this trend in time.

Visualization is also becoming a huge factor in analytics. Decision-makers need better access to key metrics in order to maintain the company’s edge, and that’s where dashboards and machine-generated charts come into play.

Jaspersoft tackled this topic with the latest release of its flagship product, which features a cloud-based reporting panel that delivers readable data in real-time. The HTML5 platform can be accessed from any device, including mobile phones and tablets, and even allows the user to customize the interface for even more convenient viewing.

Jaspersoft 4 offers a few other things besides simplicity. It supports a much broader spectrum of business applications than its predecessor and offers integration with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, a data mining solution for BI application developers.