Adobe Releases Cloud Gaming Development Tool


Adobe announced the release of their first Game Developer Tools in their Adobe Creative Cloud service that will allow developers and publishers to access a powerful set or resources in one location.

“Adobe’s Game Developer Tools are designed to streamline the game development process from creation to deployment, and help game publishers and developers reach the broadest possible audience worldwide – over 1.3 billion connected Windows and Mac PCs and over 500 million smartphones and tablets – 20 times the reach of the bestselling Xbox 360 gaming console,” Emmy Huang of Adobe wrote in their announcement.

The Game Developer Tools include Adobe Scout, Adobe Gaming SDK, Adobe Flash C++ Compiler, and the Adobe Professional Flash C56.

A lot of developers who got the pre-release are already raving about Adobe Scout which is “an advanced next-generation profiling tool that uncovers granular internal information in ActionScript-based mobile and browser content to unlock significant performance optimization opportunities,” which means, the tool helps games run faster.

As for the other tools, the Gaming SDK provides the “essential building blocks developers need to create and monetize amazing ActionScript games across browsers and mobile devices, including open source 2D and 3D frameworks (Starling, Feathers, and Away3D), and is a simple starting point for both new and experienced game developers”; the Flash C++ Compiler “allows game developers to take native games and game engines for PCs, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and iOS and compile them to run directly on the web across browsers on over 1.3 billion connected PCs using Adobe Flash Player”; while the Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is an “authoring tool to create engaging animation and games, including support for delivering animated assets ready for use with Starling and many other popular frameworks, and Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Premium is an advanced ActionScript development environment that can be used to develop high-performance mobile and browser-based games.”

The whole point of the new Adobe tools is to streamline game developing so developers won’t go insane in making games work for various platforms seamlessly as well as keep the cost of game development down while trying to cater to more gamers from various gaming platforms.

“With these new tools, we’ve got a single work flow for game developers,” Diana Helander, group product marketing manager for Gaming Solutions at Adobe, said in an interview with GamesBeat. “The costs of developing games and acquiring new users are rising. We’re helping developers to deal with that.”

Adobe Scout will be available for free to Adobe Creative Cloud members.