John McAfee the Movie: Who Would Play the Role?

John McAfee’s wild story of murder, bath salts and a hired body double seems more like a movie plot than the actual life story of the man who created the antivirus software for computers. Reading the news updates on his story is like reading the scripts to an action movie with multiple sequels. As the story unfolds, it becomes richer and richer.

Initially, it was a huge shock to discover the malware pioneer to be the main suspect in a murder case in which he has been accused of shooting his neighbor, Gregory Faull, with a 9-mm. By the time authorities had discovered Faull’s body laying in a pool of blood, McAfee was already long gone, claiming he would be killed if taken by Belize authorities.

And the story gets better. McAfee hired a body double, carrying a North Korean passport under his name, who was briefly detained in Mexico. One probing question is: could this erratic behavior be a direct link to McAfee’s drug abuse from bath salts?

McAfee’s story is just too wild to not make into a Hollywood motion picture. It would definitely sell out a theater if the right actor played the software designer. We came up with a list of the top actors that could best depict this insane story.

Johnny Depp—Depp was the first actor to come to mind because of his roles in the past. He always seems to play dark characters with very kooky personalities. We have also seen Depp portray a character on hallucinating drugs quite well when he was Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


Nicholas Cage—Let’s face it: there isn’t another actor in Hollywood better at freaking out than Nicholas Cage. He’s best at building tension in a character and exploding in fits of rage. We watched his character in Bad Lieutenant spiral out of control as he falls deeper and deeper into his drug addiction, so playing the crazed McAfee would only be fitting.


Leonardo DiCaprio—This heart throb is not only a pretty face but also eerily amazing at playing very serious roles, like his character in Shutter Island or his role in The Aviator . Give this actor any character to portray and he will not only play him well, but you may also get an Oscar award out of it.


Billy Bob Thorton—Thorton’s roles are usually crude, rude and ruthless. He is best at playing the guy you love to hate. You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth and you cant help but love the guy for it. If Thorton were to play McAfee, it would definitely be a dark comedy about the crazy life of murder, deceit and drugs.


No matter which actor Hollywood decides to go with, one thing is certain: the story will be everything but boring and will definitely sell out at the box office. As McAfee continues to run from authorities, the story will continue heating up, only making it an even better film.