One Year Anniversary Rally Leads Agile Product and Portfolio Management


The one-year anniversary of the Rally Portfolio Management Toolkit is being celebrated by Rally Software. The Portfolio Management Toolkit has been bolstered by the recent acquisition of Agile Advantage. Combined with the award winning Agile Portfolio Management solution, Rally Portfolio Manager helps large enterprises perfect the art of agile development and bring products to market faster.

Agile development processes foster better collaboration, innovation, and results. So why limit their use to software projects—when you can transform your entire business? To help addresses today’s most pressing portfolio management challenges, Rally through the recent acquisition of longtime partner Agile Advantage forms a newest Seattle-area engineering center to accelerate Rally’s PPM solutions.

“Program and Portfolio managers are under extreme pressure to deliver business value under conditions of high uncertainty,” said Todd Olson, Rally’s VP of Products. “Rally collaborates with customers who are directly experiencing this pain in order to give organizations exactly what they need–and nothing they don’t–to strategize, plan, execute, and optimize program and portfolio management with speed and agility.”

Rally Portfolio Manager was launched to enable IT development leaders to actively steer their investments for the biggest returns. Use the agile processes to align IT and business strategy to adapt and extend core agile processes, orchestrate the collaboration between IT and business vision, eliminate wish-list driven requirements, and manage expectations instead, optimize the balance of projects, resources, and assets in your portfolio, use metrics to communicate project status, quality, even team morale, create a portfolio strategy consistent with the goals of the organization and manage your business with agility—and help maximize the returns!

“Since Rally has been instrumental in guiding our implementation of Agile and Lean methods, we wanted their advice in reshaping and modernizing our portfolio accounting program,” said Autodesk’s Senior Program Manager for Planning, Governance and Metrics, Charlene Boroumand. “When we heard how Rally approaches portfolio management in an Agile way, we were excited to have a voice in how Rally Portfolio Manager aligns costing of portfolio initiatives with the value provided to the business.”

Right now Rally’s Portfolio Manager completes one year, and to mark the anniversary Rally is packaging its expertise into a new two-day Lean Innovation Workshop that teaches businesses of all sizes to apply Lean Startup concepts for discovering customers’ needs and getting desired products to market faster.

Rally also recently announced the formation of the Software Development Performance Index research program with representatives from leading software development organizations, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University to accelerate process and technology decisions impact development team performance.