Has HP Cleared Autonomy’s Name with New Product Outlook?

This week was an important one for HP, coming off a controversial bout of bad PR after CEO Meg Whitman revealed a massive $8.8 billion write-down from last year’s acquisition of Autonomy.  At HP Discover in Frankfurt Germany, the hardware manufacturer gained an opportunity to prove the true worth of Autonomy and several other acquisitions, unveiling a unified storage architecture that addresses the needs of the enterprise in transition to the cloud.

Leveraging Autonomy, Vertica, 3PAR and other divisions in its portfolio, HP is hoping to regain the trust of investors and clients alike.  Despite the monetary loss from Autonomy and the finger-pointing that came with it, HP’s still in the black, and aggressively pushing some solid tech into the marketplace.

Streaming live from Frankfurt, SiliconANGLE’s exclusive program TheCube hosted several HP executives and other industry influencers during the Discover event, including a great segment with EVP & GM at HP’s Enterprise Group.  See our YouTube channel for the full archive of our HP Discover coverage.

Also making waves this week was NSA whistleblower and crypto-mathematician William Binny, who made a rare appearance in a Russia Today interview.  He discussed the increasingly relevant topics of big data and surveillance, two areas that will irrevocably affect consumers as data-driven models affect business and economics at a global level.

Closing out this week was a welcome surprise from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who hinted at an upcoming Apple television, and announced the return of some manufacturing jobs to the U.S.  Cook’s news sparked optimism on the topic of reshoring, a trend that’s gaining traction in the U.S. with rising political and cultural pressure.  See here for a run down of the perks and obstacles Cook faces with reshoring.

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