Atlassian Announces Stash 2.0 with Several Enterprise Offerings


Atlassian, leading enterprise software company that helps innovators everywhere plan, build and launch great software has just launched the Stash 2.0, a DVCS offering that is 100% homegrown and 100% about the enterprise. Stash is a premier on-site Git repository management system used by enterprises to take advantage of the flexibility of Git while maintaining control of code quality and development.

Stash 2.0 will help companies build better software faster. To build software, companies need three things to track and share–issues, activity and code. This release of Stash makes it easy for enterprises to either adopt, or migrate to, Git, by leveraging its flexibility and distributed nature while maintaining control of the code and process with its behind the firewall solution. They can migrate their entire operation, or move team by team, because Stash seamlessly integrates with other existing version control systems. And, by extension, it allows companies to attract top developers…because Git is the wave of the future.

“We built Stash from the ground up, specifically for the enterprise,” said Scott Farquhar, co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian. “Our enterprise customers want easy-to-use products to build better software faster, and with Stash 2.0 they can easily take advantage of the distributed nature of Git. Stash streamlines the management of multiple shared code repositories and improves the quality of merged changes. By leveraging this new wave of technology, Stash speeds development in the enterprise.”

Atlassian has tightly integrated Stash 2.0 with their enterprise offerings – JIRA Enterprise & Confluence, and offers full support – 24/7, Stash Enterprise Community, scale to 2000 users. Besides, there are several new features in the latest release including branch permissions (for quality control), collaboration features such as @ mentions and markdown support for faster communications with greater context (with markdown support, you can add formatted text, links and code to comments).

This means that Stash 2.0 offers full control of Git workflow in the enterprise, and facilitates more contextual conversations for faster, collaborative development. Stash 2.0 and the Stash Enterprise offering are immediately available for download at Atlassian’s website.