HP Unifies Its Storage Solutions around 3PAR, StoreAll


These days, primary storage is too fragmented, resulting in particular overly complex administration. There are several models for different types of customers and sizes of environments, but most models lack a common set of features and a unified administration.

Patrick Osborne, Director of Product Management, HP Storage Division talked to Wikibon’s Chief Analyst, Dave Vellante, during the HP Discover 2012 event on HP’s 3PAR storage solutions and how solution based storage technology based on 3PAR is filing the system dedicated to Big Data.

For Osborne, the answer lies in the vision of HP: one architecture that brings simplicity while taking many forms, extending from the entrance to upscale offering, supporting storage mode blocks, objects, and files, as well as SSDs and HDDs. The exclusive set of innovations in the form of HP 3PAR Converged Storage is helping customers simplify their IT infrastructure and reduce costs with a single architecture for all segments and all categories of resources.

Osborne said HP is building middleware connector to bridge the gap between connecting file storage to object storage in the cloud. HP’s object storage service provides a way to store and retrieve objects in a highly redundant cluster of publicly accessible physical machines hosted in HP data centers.

As for the big data, he said HP Storage solutions offers StoreAll, offering online storage and file mode objects, dedicated to archiving big data and cloud storage. The solution is scalable and enriched by the Query Express software developed by HP Labs. It is a metadata database to run search queries 100,000 times at a speed faster than traditional search engines related to file systems. StoreAll Storage supports archiving, with a maximum capacity of not less than 16 petabytes of unstructured data on a thousand nodes. It also checks the integrity of data in the background and marking custom metadata.

In a reply to how HP differentiate competition from other storage leaders including EMC, Hitachi, Amazon, Osborne said the complete portfolios of HP storage solutions such as StoreAll, 3PAR, Express Query, Jboss integration make its way through the complexities and inefficiencies with a single architecture for the implementation of customers of all sizes. The solution combines HP Converged infrastructure, common management and advanced integration with Vertica to deploy massive data processing and real-time analytics.