Twitter Copying Instagram Filters For #Holiday Heists

Last week, Instagram users were clueless as to why their Instagram-filtered photos were showing up screwy on Twitter.  It was first perceived as an error, until we learned Instagram deliberately disabled their Twitter card integration that prevented photos from showing up properly.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom acknowledge the situation and stated that the the Twitter card integration was disabled intentionally, with plans to completely cut off Twitter integration all together.

Twitter doesn’t seem to be fazed by Instagram’s diss, as AllThingsD claims that sources familiar with the matter says Twitter’s readying to release the next version of their mobile app with photo filtering features before the end of 2012.

If you’re wondering why Twitter would launch their photo filtering feature before the end of 2012, it’s because they want to experience the holiday rush and all the hashtagged photos that come along with it.  Last Thanksgiving, Instagram was flooded with Thanksgiving-related photos such as images of turkeys, families having dinner, ruined turkey dinners and a lot more.  Instagram claimed that over 10 million Thanksgiving photos were posted on Turkey Day, breaking another record after Superstorm Sandy and the Presidential Debates.  It’s just another example of event-driven content shifting to Instagram, an area Twitter won’t want to share the spotlight.

And surely, the month of December has a string of events Twitter can take advantage of, from the predicted apocalypse on Dec. 21 to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

It’s not really surprising that Twitter is aiming to get the latest version of their app with photo filtering features before the year’s end because surely, a lot of important events are happening.