3 Components of HP Vertica 6.1 You Need To Know

Colin Mahony, the GM of Vertica, recently announced the arrival of Vertica 6.1 (code named “the Bulldozer”) at HP Discover 2012 earlier this month (full video below).

Vertica 6.1 offers three main components that Mahony pointed out:

Hadoop–This is the first analytic database company to introduce a Hadoop mad-produce connector and an HDFS connector, which allows users to get native hookups with Hadoop and the HDFS underlying file systems. Users are then able to pull all of the data and use the Vertica analytics engine to analyze data, even if it resides on HDFS.

Analytics Packs—According to Mahony, Vertica has always been committed to putting more analytics into platforms and promises customers that if they buy their platform, then there will be more innovation as to what they are able to do on that platform. The statistical language “R” has also been included in Vertica 6.1 and packs have been put onto “R” to make analytics much easier as far as calling on functions.

Cloud—Cloud capabilities were enhanced with new packages to make it a lot easier for customers to deploy on PRIM or on the Cloud. There is also a new app system for HP as well as Hadoop.

According to Mahony, analytics is “all the rage” because with every dollar that’s invested into it, $10 is made, according to research he has seen.  Mahony also touched on the evolution of Hadoop and pointed out how, although it is important to gain information and store it, it is also important to act on the information, and understand the information as well.

What Hadoop is able to do is store information without having any real structure, but hen monetizing information, there has to be a structure to doing it, or else it won’t work, which is where Vertica comes in. And what gives Vertica its edge is its performance and speed.

See the full interview below, and check out all our HP Discover event coverage on our YouTube channel.