Dell Wants to Solve the BYOD Problem with Kace Line-up, New Mobile Appliance

Hardware maker Dell unveiled a new mobile solution that aims to make it easier for enterprises to manage employee-owned devices in the enterprise.  The K3000 appliance joins the K1000 admin platform for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and the K2000 box for system deployment and app migration.

The K3000 supports phones and tablets running iOS 4.5 and Android 2.2 or higher.

“The definition of systems management is changing,” said Rob Meinhardt, general manager for Dell KACE. “In the past, our customers managed laptops, desktops and servers. Increasingly, they need to say ‘yes’ to devices of all kinds including smartphones and tablets. With the Dell KACE K3000 Mobile Management Appliance, our customers will have a well-integrated and easy-to-use system for managing and securing all types of devices, operating systems and endpoints in their IT environment.”

Dell touts several big pluses with its new platform, including uncomplicated setup, simplified management and lots of security. The latter is a combination of built-in data protection measures and policy enforcement.  Lastly, the manufacturer also boasts that the appliance allows admins to view the status of all the devices in their organization from a single pane of glass – handsets as well as PCs and servers.

Dell is stepping up in the mobile space, but its ambitions are not limited to this vertical alone. The company is also hoping to gain an edge in the cutthroat storage industry, where it has seen revenue decline for the past two years.

Last week storage Darren Thomas stepped down after serving as the head of Dell’s storage group for nearly a decade.  The move, which could have something to do with the sales drop, may be an indication that the company is getting more serious about its plans to grow in this segment.