HootSuite Grows App Directory with Nimble Integration, Full CRM Features

Nimble, a maker of social management tools for the enterprise, announced today that it’s integrating its platform with HootSuite. The cloud dashboard provider offers features that compliment that of Nimble’s own software.

“Social media is moving beyond the early adoption by marketing and community managers to the rest of a company’s customer facing business professionals. Sales, Service and Support teams will benefit greatly by utilizing social media to enable customer engagement and social selling,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “Through the Nimble app, business teams can now follow up with social media leads, nurture relationships in real time, and close deals easier than ever before.”

The Nimble app for Hootsuite is available for free to customers of both companies, and offers several new advantages to joint customers.  These include automatic contact monitoring that allows a sales team to track the progression from prospect to paying client status, and full data integration. Location data, the date of last contact and other information stored on Nimble can all be accessed natively from within Hootsuite.

The same goes for Nimble users. Hootsuite contacts can be easily exported to Nimble, where they are converted to the native viewing format and analyzed. The platform automatically pulls social profiles associated with a contact to create what the company pegs as a “multi-dimensional contact record”.

HootSuite claimed to have four million active users in June, around the same time it added Instagram and Slideshare to the app directory that now includes Nimble as well. That number has certainly grown since then, especially after the acquisition of Seesmic.

Seesmic offered a similar set of open social tools before it was bought out by HotSuite in September  for an undisclosed amount.  Holmes made it very clear at the time that he was more interested in the former competitor’s users than its technology.