iPhone and Android Apps To Curb Data Usage + Manage Consumption

The holidays are just around the corner and I bet a lot of people will be stuck on their mobile devices sharing everything they do to their friends or the web in general.  But with the constant sharing, some people are plagued with the problem of going over their data limit.  So what are people to do?  Stop using the internet on their mobile devices?  I don’t think so!

There are lots of apps for Android and iOS that help users keep track of their data usage.  If you missed our previous data tracking and curbing overages, click here.  If you’re interested in the mobile apps that can help you curb overages, read on.

iOS data tracking and management apps

Onavo Extend (FREE)

This app lets users extend their data plan by up to five times which simply means you get more for what you are paying for.  It gives you a breakdown of how much data is used by each of your apps and mobile data activities, so you can keep track if you’ll be going over your limit or why you’re going over your limit.  The app also compresses download data such as images and texts so you can maximize your plan’s worth.

My Data Manager (FREE)

This app conveniently informs you of how much data you are consuming and alerts you when you are about to go over your limit to avoid “bill shock.”  This app allows you to gauge whether you are actually using the best plan according to your needs so you can be sure that you are not paying for something that you rarely use.  It also has a historical breakdown into daily, weekly and monthly consumption, as well as the ability to set daily limits so you optimize data consumption without having to worry about consuming data too fast.

Data Monitor (FREE)

This app monitors data usage over cellular and WiFi and users simply just need to input their monthly and data limit as well as reset date to get things started.  It also tracks usage locations, like where you’re most likely using your data plan, if it’s at work doing business or during your break or running errands.

iOS recommnedation
Of the three apps mentioned, we recommend using Onavo Extend since it lets users maximize the use of their data plans aside from monitoring which apps are data hoggers.

Android data tracking and curbing apps

DroidStatus (FREE)

This app not only monitors data traffic but it also monitors SMS and call.  You can set limits for call, SMS and data usage so you’ll never have to worry about going over your mobile plan.  You can check all the information you need in a customizable widget plus you can set limit to data use for each app.  It also informs you as to which apps are data hoggers so you’ll know which apps to set limits to.

Data Counter Widget (FREE)

This app keeps track of network traffic used by your mobile device.  It shows wifi / wlan and 4g / lte / 3g / gprs traffic.  You can customize the user interface and configure widgets individually.  It also supports a number of languages such as Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish translation aside from English.

Traffic Monitor (FREE)

This app monitors data traffic and comes with integrated speed test and task manager.  This app monitors data traffic consumed via WiFi and cellular and summarizes it in daily, weekly, and monthly reports.  This also gives you report as to which are data hungry apps so you can avoid going over your limit by limiting usage of that app.

Android recommendation
We recommend using DroidStatus since it not only monitors data consumption, but also monitors call and text consumption.  So it prevents you from going over your data plan as well as your call and text plan, keeping you safely in your monthly limit.

To learn more about how you can curb your data consumption, check out 3 Ways to Cut iPhone 5 Data Usage, Avert Overages.