Need Cloud Module Assembly Free of Messy Details? Singly Loves APIs

Singly’s new application fabric went into public beta yesterday, with the premise of allowing developers to focus less on infrastructure and more on user experience.  The startup is offering an API service that allows users to choose and implement cloud modules in their application without having to worry about the messy details.

Singly’s platform includes two separate components. One is App Fabric, an SDK that supports over 35 third party services including all the major social networks, Yammer, GitHub and others. It’s available for a fixed monthly rate of $99 per one million users.

The second solution is branded as Data Fabric infrastructure and offers to do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to analytics.  Singly says it’s designed to carry out data-intensive operations such as syncing, intelligent indexing, deep data querying, archiving and instant push notification with minimal effort on behalf of the user. Data Fabric is costlier, and the price is determined on a case-by-case basis.

“We’re really excited to open up our platform to the broader developer community,” said Jason Cavnar, co-founder and CEO of Singly.  “For the past several months we have built a community of developers, who trust us with mission-critical components of their app at the data level, liking us to “AWS for user data connectivity”. The fact is developers are reshaping the way we live one app at a time and helping create more meaningful connections. At Singly, our mission is to empower them to enact those connections and create powerful new experiences.”

Singly says that over 250 TechStars-funded firms are using its platform at the moment, which is not that surprising. But while the startup’s value prop may be strong, it’s not unique in the market: other providers are also laboring on abstracting the cloud.

One example is Appcelerator, which recently acquired a Hadoop startup to incorporate a data analytics component into its mobile development platform.