Troy Carter, The Man behind Lady Gaga’s Big Data


There’s always a brain behind a successful person–be a normal man, woman, or a celebrity. Same goes for Lady Gaga, whose manager Troy Carter is the brain behind Gaga’s gigantic brand image. He’s the man who made Lady Gaga the subject two studies at Harvard Business School. Undoubtedly, his phenomenal intellect has made him one of our generation’s great entrepreneurs.

Carter is actually leveraging the highly lucrative field of information technology called Big Data. As he says,

“If your biggest client has more than 31 million Twitter followers and over 51 million Facebook likes – more than any person on the planet – you would naturally think about big data: Who are these people and how do you make money and promote your star out of their social media accounts?”

Twitter and Facebook are massive social networks, and so does Lady Gaga’s fan following. That makes Big Data an essential component to understand the trends, visualize things, and amplify fan-base. Celebrities, these days, have to leverage such advanced technologies in order to keep up and maintain their brand equity and fan base. Won’t be wrong to say that Gaga nailed it right!

“Social media is a fundamental component of celebrity during this hypersharing information age,” says Kyt Dotson, HackANGLE editor. “We’ve seen it work extremely well even for celebrities who don’t perform much anymore such as George Takei who has raised a notable army of commentors on Facebook.” To the extent that he needs a team of interns to go through submissions to his Facebook page in order to determine what should get published and what should stay locked in a dark image macro site.

Performers, actors, politicians, and their like have had image consultants and press reps for a very long time. In this era, it’s not just about leveraging image and the press, it’s also about understanding the fundamental technology that drives social media and socialization–a fan on Facebook may be just a number in some strange database, but it’s also another potential set of eyeballs (and another dollar) from someone interested in attending a concert in their area.

Lady Gaga will continue to be a big hit on her big data with the right people on the job.