Breaking Analysis: Dell Gets Serious About the Enterprise, Committed to PC Business

The Dell World 2012 Conference kicked off Tuesday, December 11, at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas and runs through the end of the day today. Wikibon Chief Analyst Dave Vellante observed how much the conference has grown since last year and how the focus at this year’s event is solutions and the customer. He also picked up on the fact that Dell is really getting serious about the enterprise, and with an event like Dell World, it’s critical to have as many face to face conversations as possible with members of senior management and CIOs of enterprise businesses.

Vellante shared the key message being conveyed is that Dell is very committed to the PC business. The second thing he’s heard a lot of talk on is converged infrastructure. He said, “Dell is going through a transformation, and they are on an acqusition tear.” He went on to say that for the past four years, Dell has has been buying companies left and right, making seven acquisitions in 2012 alone, and really trying to focus on that end-to-end value proposition for customers.

Vellante discussed Dell’s financial position and its strategy for gaining enterprise customers. He then reviewed Michael Dell’s keynote messages, as well as Bill Clinton’s speech. He reiterated the top three messages from Michael Dell revolved around its commitment to the PC business, focus on customers and their end-to-end strategy. Vellante said they’ve had a number of great guests on theCube this week at Dell World. Be sure to watch theCube’s interviews with Michael Dell and Violin Memory on ┬áSee the entire segment with Kristin Feledy and Dave Vellante on the Morning NewsDesk Show.