Serena Software Predicts: 2013 is The Year of DevOps, Cloud Computing and Help Desk Evolution


DevOps may have had some pretty great runs this 2012 and innovations in software engineering and the growth of Orchestrated IT are heavy contributors of what is set to be a momentous upcoming year for DevOps. As we walk towards 2013, many will wonder about what lies ahead. To give us a sense of what to expect ahead, David Hurwitz, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Serena Software, a leading provider of Orchestrated IT solutions, shares his predictions on what would shape the next 365 days. With over 25 years of experience, Hurwitz based his insight from discussions with technology pundits, partners and Serena customers worldwide.

“In the year ahead we predict the increasing ubiquity of online enterprises will force a generational shift in IT, from focusing on the siloed functions within IT to focusing on the competitive goals of the business itself,” said Hurwitz. “As the dust settles, we predict businesses will become more agile and that IT’s role will be even more important. In the long run, IT taking on an expanded role in the business will improve overall earnings performance.”

Overall, Hurwitz sees is an encouraging and growth-oriented environment for 2013. His predictions are split into three major concentrations: cloud, help desk and cost.

Exploiting the Cloud

Cloud has been the development and deployment platform of choice by most applications developer over the last 12 months. Hurwitz sees those half-hearted about cloud computing to actually exploit and join the space in 2013. These organizations will be convinced that this is the most potent option as they delve into the hybrid approach. According to Serena’s press release, “exploiting the public cloud for testing and staging, but a private cloud or on-premise resources for production delivery” will allow them to maintain control over security—which can put the cloud computing resistance to rest.

Help Desk Evolution

The help desk will evolve into “business desk”. Yes. What used to be an IT function that problem solves for traditional maintenance of computer systems in the company will be handling non-conventional business support role soon. There will be a need to hire skilled IT professionals that have expertise on business intelligence and cloud architectures.

Furthermore, the business support desk will break out of their shells to face customers and understand new marketing offers, product offerings and the exploitation of other app-powered revenue features. These more pressing and lucrative tasks may be associated with the BYOD trend that will then give rise to “do it yourself help desk” for employees.


What was done in weeks in the olden days can now be accomplished in minutes or seconds. This is the aftermath of developments in virtualization and apps adoption of the modern-day world. The adjectives agility and speed have been tied to the word “cost”. The drive to move to cloud to encourage collaboration and virtualization is deafening.

Moreover, a recent study that shows 40 to 50 per cent of the tasks carried out by IT fall into the rework category. This impedes these folks to perform and deliver new initiatives. This is where Serena Software can actually get the job done for businesses—a one stop IT shop that can provide a range of software delivery processes.

In a nutshell, we can expect of an upward trajectory for DevOps and its core components in 2013. Developers with pivotal initiatives are going to be the next big names in IT. That is if the end of the world won’t happen in the next few days.