Zendesk Investor Sees Fresh Potential in Panorama9, Value In Cloud

Panorama9, a Danish cloud startup that specializes in cloud automation,  has raised $900,000 in seed funding round from several local angle investors. Among them is Morten Stromsted, who issued a statement to mark the occasion.

“As IT teams face a variety of challenges, from BYOD to virtual collaboration, there’s a pressing need for better ways to manage a company’s devices, software, security, and networks, “ Stromsted writes. “Panorama9 is using the cloud to make IT managers’ lives easier.”

Panaroma9’s U.S customer base has grown 20 percent each month since its platform made its debut outside Denmark in April this year.  The company will use the newly obtained capital to boost sales in North America and continue fleshing out its product with new features.

“More and more business functions are moving to the cloud, due to its ease of use, low cost, and extremely fast ROI,” said Jakob Roed, co-founder and CEO of Enalyzer, and one of this round’s lead investors. “As an early investor in Zendesk, I see several parallels between the two companies and the value they bring to their customers.”

Panaroma9 is expanding not just geographically but also virtually, to new platforms. Two weeks ago the company streamlined its offering with a new interface that brings Windows and Mac management into a single unified view. The patch is directed at startups and other organizations that run hybrid desktop environments that are not particularly keen on spending too much time managing them.

Earlier this week, the startup entered into a partnership with Zendesk to integrate helpdesk features into its platform, just weeks after it launched in the U.S. The alliance has clearly paid off based on the company’s growth figures and Jakob Roed’s account.