Virtualization is a Big Opportunity for BPM in 2013 [Predictions]

Miguel Valdés Faura seems to have a knack for predicting big trends in the industry, especially as they pertain to his particular area of expertise. He is the co-founder and CEO of BonitaSoft, a provider of business process management software that has maintained its competitive edge correctly responding to the big shifts that directly influence its business.

In December 2011, Faura predicted that analytics and simplification (in the context of data visualization) will play a huge rule in BPM and IT as a whole throughout 2012.  The entrepreneur believes we’ll see much of the same in 2013 (see the full video below).

He says that BPM will be implemented to solve some of the challenges associated with big data, namely organizing it using predetermined rules defined to address business requirements.   This is pretty standard stuff, but the rest of his prediction is anything but that.

Faura notes that the rapid shift to modern, virtualized infrastructure is taking its toll on the slow to adapt enterprises that are too heavily invested in their legacy data centers. This is not new – what is new is his belief that this accelerated pace of change is in fact creating an opportunity for BPM solutions that connect the many desperate systems typically housed in such outdated environments.

The CEO adds that BPM is not headed towards the SaaS model, in contrary to what many insiders have expected in previous years. Instead, it’s taking on a role more akin to that of PaaS offerings: creating or abstracting the interface between business processes using hundreds of cloud connectors. This is becoming especially significant now that new processes and services – including analytics tools – are adding yet another layer of complexity to the mix.