Stress-Busters: Holiday Travel iPhone + Android Apps

A lot of people are heading home, or some other dream destination this holiday season.  And while some of these people like to take on holiday travel-planning as early as possible, many of us are just realizing how much of December has flown by.  There’s only week left before we hit the holiday weekend, and that’s just a few days left to plan a trip.

But no worries!  There’s an app for that.


Traveling during the holidays is stressful enough.  Don’t add to the agony if you can help it.  Himpunk incorporates the “agony” factor when returning flight search results, determining the most comfortable trip based on flight duration and the number of stops made along the way.  There’s even a heat map used to visualize travel destinations of interest, where you’ll have the highest concentration of  nightlife, landmarks and other activities. Hipmunk is available for iOS and Android.


If you’re flying with gifts this season, you’d better brush up on TSA regulations for what items are allowed to be carried onto planes.   So to avoid any hassles, the Transportation Security Administration released an app to help you sort things out before you get to the airport, minimizing delays for everyone.  The app also gives you airport status updates, cancelled flight info, weather reports and much more.  MyTSA is available for iOS and Android.


If your holiday trip is an impromptu one, you may find yourself scrambling to book a hotel room at your final destination or any other rest stops along the way.  But finding a good hotel isn’t that easy, especially during the holidays.  Good thing there’s HotelTonight, helping you find the nearest hotel at a price you can afford, based on your current location.  The app is available for iOS and Android.


If you’re road tripping this holiday, then GasBuddy is the perfect road companion.  The app points you to the nearest gas station, providing a wealth of information including gas prices, as well as which gas station has the cheapest gas.  It’s a great planning tool to use on the road, and can save you money along the way. GasBuddy is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

YP Local Search & Gas Prices

Need a last-minute gift in an unfamiliar town?  Check out the Yellow Pages app.  It will pull up local business for even the most obscure needs, so tracking down the perfect gift is a breeze.  Get details for each retailer, including contact information, Yelp reviews, directions, photos and more.  YP is available for iOS and Android.

Those are just some of the apps that can help you enjoy travelling this holiday season.  Always remember that when going on a trip, make sure you have cash and passport, if abroad, and your smartphone, of course.  Enjoy the holidays!