Wikibon’s Scott Lowe Enthusiastic Over HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000

The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 announced at HP Discover in early December 2012 is a big step or HP in several ways, writes Consultant, former CIO, and Wikibon Analyst Scott Lowe in his latest Professional Alert:

  • First, he writes, this is the start of a major technological shift at HP from EVA to 3PAR storage. While HP Director of Marketing for Storage Sean Kinney emphasized that HP will continue supporting EVA products and is not putting that technology on an end-of-life track, from now on 3PAR-based storage will be the company’s first-line technology.
  • Second, it brings a high degree of flexibility to HP storage. The StoreServ 7000 can be purchased in either all SSD, or a combination, to meet a wide variety of storage needs.
  • Third, it brings enterprise-level storage down to the midrange. The low-end of the StoreServ 7000 range is priced at $4,000, and while that is a starting price that goes up as buyers add features and SSDs, it brings the basic package well into the price and size range of midmarket companies. It also means that enterprises can have the same basic storage platform in remote offices as they have on their data center floor going forward.
  • Fourth, HP guarantees that customers moving to the 3PAR produce will be able to reduce capacity requirements by 50%. This is no empty promise – HP promises that if they are unable to achieve that reduction it will provide extra storage capability to make up the difference free of charge.
  • Fifth, the StoreServ systems are self-configuring, self-managing, and self-healing, decreasing the need for staff intervention.

So is this a disruptive product? Certainly, he writes, EMC NetApp, and Dell will need to react in particular to the operational simplicity and efficiency advances of the StoreServ 7000. He notes that 3PAR has been “considered a jewel in the space,” and the announcement demonstrates HP’s success at integrating 3PAR into its product lineup.

While it has had some problems, HP is “far from shutting down and has formidable engineering talent.” It also understands that CIOs need systems that are simpler to install, configure, operate, and maintain and that those features are needed in the midrange as well as enterprise levels. Overall, he recommends that any CIOs considering storage purchases should at least look at the new HP/3PAR systems.